Edaptive Subscription Platform

Your own self-branded subscription platform

Expand your online publishing capabilities.

Most publishers have a self-branded webstore, so why not a self-branded subscription platform? Edaptive's turn-key cloud-based platform makes delivering subscription products simple, enabling you to serve the smallest to the very largest customers. Your technical and go-to-market infrastructure can all be provided by Edaptive - you decide your level of involvement.

Create an annually recurring revenue stream.

Don't constrain your organization's revenue by only providing customers with the ability to buy individual documents, the income from which is reliant on new and revised versions being published. Combined with your powerful brand, Edaptive Subscription Platform will enable you to maximize the income potential of your target market(s) by creating a scalable and predictable annually recurring revenue stream helping your organization to meet or exceed its commercial and aspirational goals.

Transform your ability to package and deliver your content.

You can develop any number of subscription collections to address the needs of your market. Combine different content types to create comprehensive and targeted products. Edaptive can even help you collaborate with other publishers so you can link to or incorporate their related content to create additional value to drive new revenue generating opportunities.

Next generation XML/HTML capabilities.

Edaptive Subscription Platform is optimized to deliver XML/HTML content and incorporates a rich feature set that ensures your content will become a part of users' everyday workflow. XML formatted content dramatically increases your ability to provide linking within and across documents and other content types.

Empower your customers.

Increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty by giving them an easy and convenient way to find, view, manage, and deploy your information. It also provides customers with a collaborative environment that encourages them to capture and share their related institutional knowledge.

Create new insight into and connection with your customers.

Licensing standards aggregators to sell subscriptions to your documents is a sound strategy. However, there is a portion of the market that would prefer to do business directly with you, and you will have the ability to convert individual document buyers to higher yielding subscribers.

Subscription Platform

Edaptive Subscription Platform is an online turn-key solution for technical and other content publishers to package and deliver any number of subscription collections of their information for their target market(s), whether in PDF and or XML/HTML formats. The Platform can provide your organization with:

• A turn-key subscription environment enabling quick and easy access to your content

• Tools that enable subscribers to research, collaborate and personalize your content.

• A range of licensing models:

o Unlimited access restricted by IP range

o Individual level access

o Company level access with defined number of seats and concurrent users

• Protection for your IP, including watermarking and access control

• The ability to integrate with your existing content authoring system, accounting system, single sign-on etc.

Start now.

Don't wait, the sooner you start the sooner you will benefit from your new incremental revenue stream. Talk to Edaptive about how to get started now! Edaptive offers a range of business models to fit your budget situation.


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